I firmly believe that the success of graduate students entering the job market is a collective responsibility among  institutions, mentors and supervisors. I am also acutely aware of the time needed to understand the landscape of the  market and the characteristics of competitive – and most importantly, successful – job applications. With support from the Offord Centre for Child Studies, I have led the development and implementation of an Academic Job Market Series for graduate students within the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact at McMaster University. This series of workshops involves a candid reflection of the job market, discusses what to anticipate in the application and interview process, the core characteristics of a strong application and interview, as well as tips on negotiating a job offer. Each seminar includes hands-on activities to support the development of participants’ application and interview materials. The inagural series was delivered during the 2017-2018 academic year to Offord Centre trainees. For testimonials, please see below. Future series will be held every-other year.

Workshop titles:

1.) Going on the Academic Job Market: When, How and What to Expect

2.) Preparing for the Academic Job Talk: Principles, Variants and an Example

3.) Doing the Teaching Demo: Observe, Prepare and Practice

4.) Negotiating the Job Offer: What to ask for, How to ask for it, and When to ‘Bend’


“I wish I had a resource like Dr. Kimber’s presentation before applying for faculty positions.  Her talk provided important and insightful points regarding job searches, and preparing for the application and interview process. An amazing resource for those who are starting the job hunting journey! ” (Faculty Member, Health Sciences, McMaster University)

 “Dr. Kimber’s Lunch and Learn workshop on the Academic Job Market was extremely informative and well suited for trainees at various stages of their career. Drawing on her personal experiences, she deftly navigated us through the complexities of the job search, application, and selection process. Dr. Kimber also offered one-on-one advice to me after the workshop. The help and support I received made me feel more confident applying for academic positions. I look forward to future workshops on the academic interview!” (Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University)