Informed by my clinical and research training and experience, my program of work examines the independent and intersecting experiences of child maltreatment and mental health concerns among children and adolescents. I have a special interest in child emotional abuse, child exposure to intimate partner violence, and child and adolescent eating disorders.

I am also interested in how the experiences of child maltreatment and eating disorders differ across children and adolescents who identify with various gender identities, as well as the extent to which these experiences differ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous (e.g. 1st generation, 2nd generation, and multi-generation Canadian) families. Child maltreatment is a serious public health concern that can have lasting impacts on individual, familial and community well-being. Establishing a successful program of research in this area requires a multidisciplinary approach and partnerships that integrate clinical and research expertise in child maltreatment, child and adolescent development, implementation science and mental health; as well as the use of applied clinical and population-based research methods.

The Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University is an internationally respected, clinically-oriented, and evidence-based research institute that offers an exceptional platform from which to cultivate these partnerships and address my research objectives related to child maltreatment, intimate partner violence and mental health challenges.  The focus of my research program can be divided into three thematic areas, as depicted below.





Summary of Research Productivity

Peer-reviewed articles: 48

Peer-reviewed presentations: 51

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Citations: 697

h-index: 12

i10-index: 18

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