Ontario School Mental Health Surveys

Project Name:  The Ontario Child Health Study’s School Mental Health Surveys

Principal Investigators: Drs. Kathy Georgiades & Michael Boyle

My Role: Co-Investigator

Funding Source: Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Schools represent an ideal context for the prevention of mental health concerns among children and adolescents. However, studies in Canada have yet to examine the extent to which schools affect the mental health of its students. The  objective of the school mental health surveys (SMHS) is to examine the impact of schools on child mental health by: (1) estimating differences between schools in levels of student mental health problems; (2) identifying school-level variables that account for these differences; and (3) estimate the extent to which schools – if at all – decrease the negative effects of poverty on child mental health. A total of 31,124 students, 3,373 teachers, and 206 principals from 248 schools (n = 180 elementary, n = 68 secondary) in Ontario, participated in the study . As a co-investigator of this study, I am leading and collaborating on a series of analyses that focus on the determinants of psychological well-being among Indigenous youth who participated in the SMHS. For more information about the SMHS, go here.